Travel Better London

Transport for London are addressing travel etiquette to help make travelling
around the capital better for everyone.

We’re enjoying some glorious weather in London. Please remember to carry a bottle of water with you when you travel.

Our 1918 poster, very much in the spirit of our #TravelBetterLondon campaign.

Do you prefer the #vintage or McBess’s style?

Please don’t block or hold the doors; damage and delays this can cause…

A gentle reminder to give up your seat to those who need it more than you… #TravelBetterLondon

Travelling can be a real drag, with a face-full of someone else’s bag… #TravelBetterLondon

Please wait to seek help at the next station if you’re feeling unwell… #TravelBetterLondon

A cup can cause so much trouble… The Metro’s feature on the impact of litter on the Tube. #TravelBetterLondon

To make everyone’s journey more enjoyable, please don’t shout on your phone… #TravelBetterLondon

Reblog this post to remind those carrying luggage on the Tube to be considerate to their fellow passengers!

Travel tip: Please take papers with you or recycle them in the bins provided to avoid delays… #TravelBetterLondon

Nobody wants to smell your grub when you’re making your way home from the pub…

Congratulations to Toni Omitogun and Alex Bishop, winners of our Travel Better London poetry competition. They were presented with framed posters of their work at Baker Street yesterday.

Look out for the posters across the London Transport Network!

Toni Omitogun’s winning entry in our Travel Better London poetry competition, under 18s category.

Alex Bishop won the Travel Better London poetry competition for over 18s.


When travelling in London town…

An animated film about travel etiquette (poetiquette) on the Transport Network. Part of the #TravelBetterLondon initiative. 

Animation by McBess.